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Wells 5 Star Mohair Cincha Cinch
Colors: Black Brown
5 Star Mohair Cincha Cinch
Wells 5 Star

5 Star Mohair Cincha Cinch

The 5 Star Mohair Cincha Cinch is handmade of all-natural, therapeutic 100% mohair. Comfortable and soft, this western cinch gives with your horse's movement. It's shaped to help keep your saddle from slipping forward or sideways. Flat hardware prevents pinching. Read more...

Item # X3-02134
$ 71.99
List Price: $99.95
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The 5 Star Mohair Cincha Cinch features the finest, 100% eight-ply mohair available. It's one of the strongest, softest materials used to create the most durable and beautiful cinches. The mohair is twisted with minimal tie breaks and consistent tensile strength, and hand-tied by one of the most highly trained and experienced tiers. The cord is laced onto brass buckles and rings, offering high tensile strength and minimizing corrosion. Flat hardware prevents pinching.

Made in the USA.