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Twisted Wire Gag Bit

Twisted Wire Gag Bit

The Twisted Wire Gag Bit is a design used for engaging your horse, lifting the forequarters and lowering the hindquarters. This western bit can be used as an aid to teach a horse to lighten up and sometimes for horses that need a bit more control. Moderate to strong effect. Read more...

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The Twisted Wire Gag Bit has a longer cheek with gag design that encourages your horse to lift the front and get the hind end to lower the haunch and step under for better balanced movement. This aids in collected movements as well as times when you need your horse to lower the hind end for proper balance. The twisted wire mouth has a little bit of bite to it, enabling the rider more control and teaching the horse to give to the aids. Two-piece sweet iron twisted mouthpiece with 9 1/2" cheeks.