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Tuff Stuff®

Finally, there is a hoof conditioner and toughener that is also a show quality cosmetic! TUFF STUFF® is the go to product used to strengthen brittle, shelly, mushy or cracked hoof walls, protect scuffed toes, guard against fungus, caustics and bacteria, and maintain the hoof wall´s natural moisture level. Improves hoof health while providing a lustrous shine over the entire hoof wall for a great show ring look! Read more...

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TUFF STUFF® is so effective that after treating an egg with it you can actually drive a nail through without cracking the shell! If it works like that on an egg, think how well it will work on a horse´s hooves. TUFF STUFF® helps make a horseowner´s life easier and a farrier´s job more effective. Works better than external attempts to condition and protect that wear away after application (like coatings and mud/tar preparations) and more effective than oil-based products that may block absorption of moisture. TUFF STUFF® is an acetone-based application that moisturizes the hoof from the inside out. Since TUFF STUFF® contains a cellulose bonding agent that retains moisture in the hoof wall, the hoof actually gets tougher after every application. Strengthens hoof walls, guards against fungus and bacteria and makes your horse's hooves shine!

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