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Tom Balding®

Tom Balding Long Shank Correction Bit

This Tom Balding Long Shank Correction Bit is a beautifully handcrafted western bit featuring a Long S Shank in brown with stainless dot accents. The mouthpiece features a correction port and copper inlays. A favorite training and performance bit of world class cutter and reiners. Read more...

Item # X3-0105026
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Tom Balding Long Shank Correction Bit features a shank design that transfers rein signals into a downward pressure to the horse's tongue, bars and poll and are less severe than straight shanks. The curved shank bottom stays out of reach of the horse's lips. The medium high correction port mouthpiece provides tongue relief and aids in lateral flexion and collection. Copper inlays help induce relaxation and increase salivation. This western bit helps teach the horse to respond without creating fear. Like all Tom Balding bits, the long shank correction bit has the utmost precision and balance. 2" high port, 8 1/4" shank.

Crafted entirely by hand, start to finish, in the USA.