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Tom Balding Long S Ballhinge Pro Roller Bit
Tom Balding®

Tom Balding Long "S" Ballhinge® Pro Roller Bit

The Tom Balding Long "S" Ballhinge® Pro Roller® Bit is a beautiful, handcrafted western bit featuring S shanks with decorative dots on a brown finish. The mouthpiece is the Tom Balding Pro Roller. A favorite among America's leading reiners and cutters, this is the smoothest bit you may ever feel. Read more...

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Beautifully crafted, this Tom Balding Long "S" Ballhinge® Pro Roller® Bit features brown shanks with dot accents. The mouthpiece is the versatile Pro Roller that works well on a variety of horses.┬áTom Balding bits are handmade in the USA and known for their balance and precision. This bit offers unsurpassed smoothness that you and your horse will appreciate. Amazing feel with no dead spot. Promotes correct head carriage. Curved shank bottom stays out of reach from the horse's lips. The copper rollers helps induce relaxation and increase salivation. 8 1/4" shank.

Made in the USA.
Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Loren Williams from Arizona wrote (March 01, 2012):
I want this bit