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Tight Turn Flex Barrel - Red, White, Blue
TIGHT TURN FLEX BARRELS Tight Turn Flex Barrel - Red, White, Blue
Tight Turn

Tight Turn Flex Barrel - Red, White, Blue

The Tight Turn Flex Barrels are collapsible flex barrels that allow you to practice your barrel racing skills anywhere! They fold neatly into a zippered case with handle. Perfect to slip over your saddle horn for portability to the arena and compact enough for storage in your trailer or tack room. Read more...

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Tight Turn Flex Barrels are a set of three collapsible barrel racing barrels with a carrying bag. These portable barrels are easy to use and stow away compactly when you aren't using them. They work great for the arena, and can be transported easily in a car, truck or trailer. You can even transport them using your saddle to take them to virtually any location you want to practice. 34"H x 23 1/2"W.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
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Bag made of cheap materials
KariJo from WA wrote (June 06, 2016):
I absolutely love the barrels and they are easily transported without the he needed extra room for bulky plastic or metal barrels. However the stakes that are sent with these are a joke and should just be left out at the manufacturer and the carrying bag zipper was broke before I even opened the package, the handles are just about indeed and the stitching around the zipper is coming out. They need to add a buck or two and make a better bag. Would have been a 5 start rating if not for the bag.
Taylor from OH wrote (November 06, 2014):
Absolutely love these barrels!!! They are so convinent when you have to haul barrels to the facility you ride at.I can hide them away and don't have to fight around plastic/metal barrels in my barn anymore. The only dislike I have is soon as I got them one side of each handle ripped off. But I just tied them together and made a bigger handle which I can put over my shoulder better. :)
Hayle Bufford from Illinois wrote (March 14, 2012):
I adore these. They are easy to move while on horseback, and even my skittish horses quickly adjust and love playing with them. I board at a barn that isn't focused on barrels, so it's nice to have a set I can pull out and put away easily, and move via horseback for different practices. And they look sharp :) Of course, the zipper broke. I read all the reviews so I never even tried to zip them, however my roommate did one afternoon when she was helping me and it immediately broke (she apologized profusely and I tried to explain that I KNEW it would break, as every review had said so haha), but I didn't buy a zipper, I bought pop up barrels, so I could really care less. :)
Tina from FL wrote (December 25, 2011):
This was a Christmas present for our 9 yr. old daughter. She loved the barrels and had fun while using them but when we packed them away at the end of the first time using- the zipper broke in storage bag. I think with the expense of the item they could do a better job with fabrication of the storage bag.