Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Tender Touch Bit
Sharon Camarillo™

Reinsman® Sharon Camarillo Tender Touch Bit

Reinsman® Sharon Camarillo Tender Touch Bit is an ideal transition bit to move young horses off the snaffle. It also works perfectly for sensitive-mouthed older horses. Copper on the mouth encourages relaxation while the ring in the center allows the bit to have some play so the horse does not feel "trapped" by the bit. Read more...

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First in the Tender Touch Series. Use this bit as a transition tool on young horses coming out of the ring snaffle or on sensitive-mouthed older horses. This bit has a lot of flexibility without a lot of curb pressure when turning tight turns. The mouthpiece encourages relaxation in addition to having some flexibility to it. This enables the horse to set the bit to a position that is comfortable for them, and allows the rider to lift one side of the bit at a time making it ideal for training. 5" cheeks, 5 1/2"mouth.

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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AnneMarie from Minnesota wrote (July 06, 2010):
I've been looking for a new bit for my Barrel Horse, I've tried many but can't find any that work out. I came across this bit because of my old riding teacher. It gives me exactly what I want for my Barrel Horse. I suggest this for anyone who is looking to do barrel racing.
Jennifer H. from Florida wrote (December 23, 2009):
This is a very nice transition bit for colts coming out of the snaffle. I use with or without a curb. Most horses accept this bit with NO fuss. You'll get just enough bend and shoulder lift to bring along the young horse and there's plenty for the seasoned horse as well.
Jessica N from Oregon wrote (October 18, 2008):
This bit was perfect for mtraining. If you properly teach your horse how to stop with your weight for barrels and the basics of leg aids, this bit is just enough to keep their shoulders up and have a nice whoa.

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