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SSG Blue Streak Roping Glove

SSG® Blue Streak Roping Glove

These SSG® Blue Streak Roping Gloves provide great control. The unique finger knit design lets them fit like a perfect western roper's glove should. 95% cotton with stretch, they´re knitted in the shape of your hand using True Hand Technology™. Read more...

Item # X3-11373
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The SSG® Blue Streak® Roping Glove has a unique finger knit design that lets it fit like a true roping glove should! SSG´s True Hand Technology™ means it´s knitted with way your hand is shaped, which lets the glove fit skin tight. Soft, comfortable and durable, it stretches for a perfect fit. Look for the glove with the Blue Streak knit right in! 13 count fine knit.

95% cotton.