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Ring Snaffle Bit

This O-Ring Snaffle Bit has a smooth mouthpiece with a jointed center. This western bit design is ideal for young horses or horses with sensitive mouths who still need to be educated before moving into a curb bit. Sweet iron mouth encourages bit acceptance. Read more...

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An O-Ring Snaffle Bit in stainless steel with sweet iron mouth. Jointed center provides pressure to the bars, tongue and jaw of the mouth. As the rider lift's his hands, it puts more pressure on the bars, tongue and roof. Loose rings provide more play than fixed rings, giving your horse a second or two longer to react to the cue you are giving him. 3" rings, 5" mouth.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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sally from texas wrote (April 14, 2010):
smith brothers is one of the best places to shop at I got many cheap things that I garent horse is perfetly heathy and happy!