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Small Mesh Hay Net

Small Mesh Hay Net

This black Small Mesh Hay Net slows down hay consumption, allowing for healthier digestion and less boredom for non-pastured horses. Perfect for fast eaters, easy keepers, on the road, in the trailer and more! Read more...

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The Small Mesh Hay Net slows consumption rate for healthier digestion and to keep your horse busy longer. Use it daily for horses that are rapid eaters or that are overweight, and on long trips to keep horses busy during hauling. Hangs easily anywhere and holds multiple flakes of hay. 2" x 2" openings. 38" diameter with ring bottom. Black.

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Not totally what I was expecting, but gonna give it a try
Ami from WV wrote (February 27, 2014):
I have used slow feed hay nets year round for a couple of years now; in stalls, the paddock and the trailer. The ones I have, I purchased from another company and they no longer carry that specific kind (they carry cheaper quality ones) so seeing this description of the net having a ring in the bottom I thought I had found the exact nets I have been using. Nope. No ring in the bottom, its just one continuous rectangular net, and it doesn't look to be made with the good quality material that I am use to. Sadly, I don't think I will never find those exact nets again, and the ones I have won't last forever. :( But, I am gonna go ahead and give this one a try and see how it holds up. On a more positive note, I love feeding from the slow feed nets, because it definitely slows your horse down and lasts a long time, so it helps to reduce boredom and waste. This net is very large, so hopefully it will be an excellent net for horse shows without having to refill constantly and get hay all over yourself!
Valerie from wrote (January 08, 2012):
I've been using these nets since '09, and all but one is still usable after all this time. Two horses and six goats eat from these nets. The only reason I buy more is because I can't resist the sale price! They're GREAT! Wasted hay is in the past and it makes them 'work' at getting their hay. Our horses come and go as they please in their stalls, but because we don't have any pasture area (all woods),I make sure they always have full hay nets available. Thanks Smith Brothers for making these available and at such a great price too!
Kerri from wrote (November 01, 2011):
If you really care about the way you feed your horse invest in theses bags... Great for older horses, Insulin resistant horses Laminatic horses. Don't let your horse waste there hay. I attach into a big plastic bucket and my horse prefers to eat this way. Have been doing this for 2 years now never any accidents and i'm pretty sure i will feed every horse this way. Last's longer and there is not any wasting and pooping in it.

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