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Rickey Green Chain Mouth Bit
Rickey Green

Rickey Green Chain Mouth Bit

The Rickey Green Chain Mouth Bit was designed for training, practice and competition. This western bit features a chain mouth that lies flat across the mouth and tongue, providing soft, even pressure and encouraging the proper head carriage. This bit is designed to help teach the horse to lift at the shoulder without "hardening" the mouth. Read more...

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This Rickey Green Chain Mouth Bit features a pinchless mouthpiece shaped to lie flat across the mouth and tongue. It attaches to the shank in a manner that softly cues the horse as pressure is applied. Design allows for collection, helping the horse break at the poll, and the gentle action of the mouthpiece teaches a horse to lift his shoulder and prepare to stop. 5" mouth, 8" stainless steel cheek piece (3" purchase, 5" shank). Rickey recommends using a firm leather curb strap or flat chain, allowing the horse to feel and work off of the bit, rather than react to the pressure of a biting curb.

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Mike from Alberta wrote (February 02, 2013):
We have a couple of these bits and are using them on our rope horses with pretty good success. I have has to adjust the curb strap a bit to find the "sweet" spot and the horses a responding very positively. We use them on both head and hell horses.