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Relentless® Strikeforce Bell Boots

Relentless® Strikeforce Bell Boots

Relentless® Strikeforce Bell Boots take overreach protection to the next level! Top-quality, durable bell boots, they mix modern technology with savvy design to protect the sensitive bulbs of the horse's heels. Pair. Read more...

Item # X3-04220
$ 31.99
List Price: $43.99
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Made of 2520 denier ballistic nylon, the Relentless® Strikeforce Bell Boot offers rugged performance that can withstand the pressures of everyday riding and rigorous competitions. The double layer foam construction with Kevlar® provides maximum shock absorption and deflects impact, while the taller cuff design improves the total protected area. Your horse will be protected in the event of crossover thanks to the additional foam layer on the interior sidewall. Angled hook-and-loop closures that follow the contour of the boot allow your horse to move naturally without impedance from the boot. The interior heel bulb makes for a boot that goes on in place, and stays in place, during aggressive maneuvers and high speed riding. The reinforced bottom binding reduces rebound providing a no-turn, locked-in-place boot even when you're riding in deep footing. Pair.

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