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Reinsman Little S Hackamore

Reinsman® Little S Hackamore

The Reinsman® Little S Hackamore has a good deal of lift and a lot of flex. Popular with barrel racers, this western hackamore is also helpful in slow work and training. Read more...

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The Reinsman® Little S Hackamore Bit is deceiving. While it does not have a lot of whoa, this western hackamore bit design works well on horses that have a lot of natural rate. It offers a good deal of lift and a lot of flex. Used by a good many barrel racers in competition, it is also a design that works for slow work and training. 6" cheeks. In rough hands, a hackamores' rope nose band can have quite a bite. Consider wrapping it for cushion.

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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Taylor from ND wrote (May 03, 2010):
I am going to Buy this bit because I was told it works well for getting a horse to stride out while not having them get too ratey but still with flex. So We Will see how it goes!
Autumn from Texas wrote (November 14, 2009):
I bought this for a mare who was having difficulty carrying a bit well and was avoiding being bridled. Using this hack has solved those problems, she actually perks her ears up to be bridled now!
katie from florida wrote (August 09, 2009):
i have recently bought a new horse and she was acting up,so my friend lent me her hack just like this one and it worked miracles!i love it!
Bill Clark from FL wrote (March 17, 2009):
I recently purchased this for a new older quarter horse gelding I recently purchased. He hated a bit in his mouth but loves riding in the Little S. This is a great hackamore - great control
Review from PA wrote (February 07, 2008):
This is a great hackamore. The cheeks are short so it is very forgiving however there is still a lot of control. This is a great device for slow work. It's very handy for getting to "know" a new horse.