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Reinsman 3/8 Smooth Copper Argentine Snaffle Bit

Reinsman® 3/8" Smooth Copper Argentine Snaffle Bit

The Reinsman® 3/8" Smooth Copper Argentine Snaffle Bit is ideal for horses that listen well. The medium control mouthpiece is not too harsh and the shanks offer low leverage. Copper creates a moist, soft mouth for better feel. Read more...

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This Reinsman® 3/8" Smooth Copper Argentine Snaffle Bit is a quality western bit designed for a horse with a good mouth. It has low leverage shanks and a medium control mouthpiece. Sweet copper mouth offers a better taste for your horse, encouraging acceptance of the bit and promoting relaxation. 6" cheeks, 5" mouth. Note: copper is a soft metal, watch for excessive wear.

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Second Level Bit
Casana from NJ wrote (September 25, 2015):
I needed a bit that I could use to work on my horses neck reining. Because I had her in a Mikmar Combo bit, which I love, it isn't really known for working on this aspect. Not only was I able to realize how she had already picked up on the neck reining(I know sounds silly that I hadn't picked up on it, but wasn't sure if she was moving off leg) but I was able to do gate work, getting her to allow me to reach down and open a gate that was a 12' tube gate in an area that she had always been a little nervous in. She moved very quickly off the bit, with very little movement from my hand. At no time did she display a dis-like for the bit at all. She acted very comfortable in it. I was able to keep a very loose rein and I thought I would have to over-aggerate my movements to get her to feel the movements, but I got a quick but smooth response. I would recommend this for anyone looking to improve their horses movements in sorting or cattle work, even trail. I had worked her once in a medium shank bit before, and it lasted 10 minutes. I just could not get her to move in it. Make sure that you use a chain under the chin or leather strap, which is all I use. I hear they are dicontinuing ths bit. Contact reinsman to keep them running this bit. I hope you won't be sorry if you get it. When I like a product, I believe it should be told as to why and how it helped.

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