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Raptor 4 Strand Heelin Rope
Lone Star Ropes Raptor 4-Strand Heel Rope
Lone Star Ropes

Lone Star Ropes Raptor 4-Strand Heel Rope

The Lone Star Ropes Raptor 4-Strand Heel Rope has a snappy, tight feel with a lighter weight! The tip weight and body on this superb rope allow for better tip identification and ensure your loop stays open throughout your swing and throw. Read more...

Item # X3-11738
$ 30.09
List Price: $44.95
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The Raptor 4-Strand Head Rope from Lone Star Ropes is a medium diameter rope that offers a super tight and responsive feel. Awesome tip weight and body allow you to perform your best. Four Heel Lays available: MS, M, HM, MH. MS (medium soft) is perfect for ropers who don't use a lot of power in their delivery. Great for novice heelers. M (medium) can be used with a wide variety of roping styles. It has enough tip weight for easy swinging, but also enough stiffness to stand up when thrown in front of the feet. HM (hard medium) rope is made for the ropers that feel the heel medium is too soft. Heel length: 35'. Diameter: 3/8".