QUEST® Gel Dewormer

Quest® Gel is a broad-spectrum horse dewormer that contains 2% moxidectin. This FDA-approved, palatable gel suppresses production of small strongyle eggs for 84 days, kills encysted small strongyles, and removes large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, hairworms, largemouth stomach worms and stomach bots. One syringe treats 1,150 lbs body weight. Read more...

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QUEST® is indicated for use in horses and ponies, including breeding mares and stallions, and foals six months of age and older. QUEST® Gel is packaged in ready-to-use SURE-DIAL® syringes. 1150 pounds.

Indications:QUEST® (moxidectin) 2% Equine Oral Gel when administered at the recommended dose level of 0.4 mg moxidectin/kg (2.2 lb) body weight is effective in the treatment and control of the following stages of gastrointestinal parasites in horses and ponies:

Large Strongyles:Strongylus vulgaris - (adults and L4/L5 arterial stages); Strongylus edentatus - (adults and tissue stages); Triodontophorus brevicauda - (adults);Triodontophorus serratus - (adults)
Small Strongyles (adults): Cyathostomum spp., including Cyathostomum catinatum, Cyathostomum pateratum; Cylicostephanus spp., includingCylicostephanus calicatus, Cylicostephanus goldi, Cylicostephanus longibursatus, Cylicostephanus minutus; Cylicocyclus spp., including Cylicocyclus insigne, Cylicocyclus leptostomum, Cylicocyclus nassatus; Cylicocyclus radiatus; Coronocyclus spp., including Coronocyclus coronatus, Coronocyclus labiatus, Coronocyclus labratus; Gyalocephalus capitatus; Petrovinema poculatus
Small Strongyles:Undifferentiated lumenal larvae
Encysted cyathostomesLate L3 and L4 mucosal cyathostome larvae
AscaridsParascaris equorum - (adults and L4 larval stages)
Pinworms Oxyuris equi - (adults and L4 larval stages)
HairwormsTrichostrongylus axei - (adults)Large-mouth stomach wormsHabronema muscae - (adults)
Horse stomach botsGasterophilus intestinalis - (2nd and 3rd instars); Gasterophilus nasalis - (3rd instars)

One administration of the recommended dose rate of QUEST (moxidectin) 2% Equine Oral Gel also suppresses strongyle egg production through 84 days.

WARNINGS: Extreme caution should be used when administering the product to foals, young and miniature horses, as overdosage may result in serious adverse reactions. This dewormer is intended for use in healthy horses and ponies that are 6 months of age or older, and it may be administered to broodmares and stallions. It should not be administered to foals less than 6 month of age or in sick, debilitated and underweight horses. It should not be used in other animal species as severe adverse reactions, including death, may result.

Consult your veterinarian to determine the best targeted horse wormer and de-worming schedule for your horse.

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