Purina HydraSalt

Purina® HydraSalt

From one of America's leaders in equine nutrition, Purina® HydraSalt can be used to balance a diet that is low in sodium, help maintain water intake levels and replace sweat loss. Formulated for horses and ponies, this salt supplement has mint-flavored Microbead™ Technology for palatability and to protect the horse's stomach from irritation during digestion. Read more...

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Purina® HydraSalt™ is a specially-coated salt supplement for horses that can be used to balance a diet low in sodium, replace sweat loss and help maintain water intake for proper hydration. Designed for all classes of ponies and horses, this coated salt formulation is ideal for those with chronic gastric ulcers and for those who don't consistently consume enough sodium due to the taste. Smooth Microbead™ Technology coats each grain of salt with a minty-flavored oil to increase palatability and make the salt gentle on the horse's stomach. The coating prevents the salt from mixing with gastric liquids and irritating the stomach, but breaks down in the small intestines where salt uptake is optimal. Provided as a top dressing on feed, HydraSalt outperforms salt blocks and/or table salt by offering consistent sodium consumption. Ingredients: sodium chloride, vegetable oil, spearmint flavor. 6 lb (60-day supply). 28 gm scoop included.

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