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Jose Royo from wrote (June 03, 2012):
Aldo is not only a champion team roper but best of all he is gifted in the art of teaching others to rope. He has many simple examples that will give any amateur roper plenty of "Ahaaa Moments". Aldo has traveled the US roping circuit, has learned from the best in the US and has studied every move and has managed to break the run in a very scrutinized way, he pays attention to every little detail and shares with you what has taken him many many years to master. I have seen many roping videos by the champs, but none of them goes into this level of detail. If you are a low number roper or a mid level roper who wants to get to the next level, I highly recommend Aldo`s video.
Pepe Royo from wrote (June 03, 2012):
Aldo is a student of the game, he has broken up the team roping run into team roping into smaller parts that he explains in detail that way you can focus on any given part of the run from the ground up. He explains it very straight forward and the quality of the production and the photo shoots is top notch.