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carolyn from wrote (April 13, 2013):
Ihave had my ropers since 2005 and have worn them for all of my outside work. I ride in them, muck in them and after we burned our CRP, they were so dirty I washed them in the washer. I oiled them and they look great. Seven years later, they are still good to go. I do keep them oiled though.
Joanne from wrote (January 04, 2012):
I found theses shoes and they were my size and they are the best shoes that I have ever worn I have horses and I do alot around the stalls and I love them they even keep my feet warm.
Helen Kenyon from wrote (December 24, 2010):
These are great for walking, riding, and generally working at the ranch. The leather is so durable. The support lets you work tirelessly.