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Breaks easily
PW from CA wrote (May 10, 2014):
After following the directions exactly, and even warming them before applying to my boot, it still broke! There is no stretch in the plastic at all and was difficult to apply. Very frustrating! I will continue to just use a rubber band.
Char from wrote (November 12, 2012):
After years of having my ankles bruised by the spur ends, I thank God for these tiedowns! Here is a hint, based on the previous reviews: warm them up in your hands or under your shirt until you put them on to keep them flexible. Put the loop over the rowel first then the loops over the buttons of the spurs and put the spur on the boot and gently move the heel strap over the heel of your boot. Set your spurs where you want them..and when the tie chills a bit, that is where they stay!
n/a from wrote (July 14, 2008):
I bought a pair for my spurs based on the first review on this site. These may be "one size fits all", but you must be careful. I wear a size 10 boot, and the first one broke just trying to install it onto the spurs. I managed to get the second one on without breaking. I took the first one, and using a button, sewed the broken ends together. The item works keeping the spurs in place, but be very gentle when installing, or they will break.
Betty D. from wrote (March 06, 2008):
My 15 year old daughter is on a drill team and uses these tiedown straps all of the time and loves them! She says that nothing else compares to this product and will only use them on her spurs! They are sturdy and keep her spurs in place!