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Great Blanket
Horse lover in Oregon from OR wrote (March 18, 2015):
This is a great fitting blanket and so far holding up very well and sizing is very very accurate these are great all around blankets highly recommend
Great blankets
Carol from TX wrote (January 21, 2015):
I have two of these blankets for my geldings and they are perfect for the N TX weather we get. The only drawback I have are the clips on the straps can be tricky to open when removing the leg straps etc. Other than that minor issue, love these blankets
Wears like iron#
Paint owner from TX wrote (April 13, 2014):
Great blanket. Warm, water resistant, tough. Great price. This is the 3rd winter for this blanket. Definitely will buy another if this one wears out.
Excellent Blanket/Great Value
Horse Lover from WA wrote (January 31, 2014):
We bought 4 of these blankets about 4 years ago for our Arabians and they have been excellent. They stay in place during 24 hour pasture turnout, don't rub anywhere, and keep the horses warm and dry. The buckle clips make them easy to put off and on and they dry quickly. Our horses come running to have them put on in the dark on a cold stormy night!
Smith Bros. Open Range
Laura Hearn, former Jockey from TX wrote (October 14, 2013):
Thanks to a very knowledgeable, very professional, and courteous sales girl, who knew her stores product, and where all were located,... she took me right where I was dying to go,..I bought my first Smith Bros. Open Range blanket last week! I needed to thank the sales gal,.. but I forget her name. Dark, long, curly hair about 5'2", very friendly, very good at her job. I wanna call her Jennifer, but think the name I have wrong. Anyway,... she did a great job helping me to pick the perfect blanket for my horse with our N. TX. winter weather. She made shopping at S.B. a joy, and I'll be sure to return too! The S.B. Open Range Supreme, Med. Wt. is a stunning blanket, the fit is great on my horse, even though we'd thought my horse would need an 80" the 78" is the correct size! I think the S.B. blankets maybe run a little on the larger size, or maybe the more correct size than some brands do. Anyway,... the hardware from end to end is really strong with a couple options for closure in the front. The style is a litt
Tracy from wrote (October 04, 2011):
I have a Med. weight and it is the best blanket we have ever owned. It is the best on water proofing and in 3 years time it only has 1 small tear in it. This is the best blanket and at a great price.
Angie Holland from wrote (January 09, 2011):
I have had this blanket for 2 years and it has been great. My horse is very hard on it but has only ripped it once. It also happened to be the very first time she wore it. lol. Super warm and waterproof! perfect all around blanket!
Tina from wrote (January 02, 2011):
I'm on my second winter with the mid-weight blankets that I bought last year, and they still look brand new, not so much as a snag on them. They stay in place, no rubs, and seem to stay clean also.
Jessica from wrote (December 17, 2010):
I've been showing horses my whole life and these are the best blankets I've ever owned. They never shift to one side or the other, they keep the horses dry and warm, they don't lay directly on the withers and they're built to last. I've used mine for several winters.
Gena from wrote (November 27, 2010):
Great blanket. Very waterproof , durable. Washes well sews easy Great blanket. Very durable, waterproof , fits great. Will buy more of them.
Cami from wrote (September 17, 2010):
My horses are hard on blankets, and I have had the midweight turnout through two winters without issue. In the stall or in the pasture, I have happy, warm and dry horses. No tears, rubbing or issues with the blankets.
Angie Holland from wrote (January 10, 2010):
This blanket is great! It keeps my horse super warm in the winter and she never gets too hot. This blanket is long down the sides so when my horse rolls, she doesn't get dirt on her stomach!It has held up great! AWESOME BLANKET FOR THE MONEY! This blanket is worth it!
kay from wrote (June 21, 2009):
i've had 2 of the heavy weight blankets for 3 years and I love them! None have been ripped & my horses are very hard on blankets!
Donna from wrote (December 09, 2008):
These blankets keep my horses toasty warm and dry if we get a 40 degree rain in Houston. I've only had the blankets one season but they have held up well and stay on the animals in the stall or in the pasture. The blankets have not chafed or rubbed the animals. I am very pleased: these blankets allow me to turn my guys out on a raw potentially rainy day and not worry that I will come home from work to cold stressed horses.