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Great Coat - Sizing Off
Dog Boy from NY wrote (October 28, 2014):
Great coat. Good choices for and uses of materials, and it's sewn well. I love the biasing on the cinches and that there is no Velcro. A note on sizing: I bought a Medium (21") for my 21" dog. It was way too small. It seems the advertised measurement is taken with the coat laying flat, and includes the length added by the front chest flaps. However, on the dog these flaps do not add to the wearable length. The medium actually measures 17" along the back and would be appropriate for an approximate 17" dog (the Cairn Terrier in the pic is likely wearing a Medium). I then got a XM (26") and it fits perfectly (it measures 21" along the back). So at least in these two sizes subtract about 5" from the advertised length to fit your dog properly.
Great Blanket Great Price
SLQ from IL wrote (January 21, 2014):
I love this blanket, I just wish it came in a size that fits my dog! I purchased this blanket for our 34lb lab mix in XM and it was too big so we gave it to my inlaws who have a pit and it fits him perfectly. The medium barely fits our dog but we make do because it is a really exceptional blanket. Very well made and you really can't beat the sale price on this site. Thank you!