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The Best Blanket
Amand Bochniarz from NY wrote (April 01, 2016):
My mom got me this blanket as a present in 2010, it just got a fixable rip in outter shell, however with these on sale I just bought two more! Great for horses with turn out with run in barns. My horse wearing this blanket was never bothered by weather, always stayed out at the round bale, bearly under the run in, & always toasty & dry!
Beth from wrote (December 22, 2011):
This is an excellent blanket! It fits great and doesn't shift. Holds up well and it doesn't leak like some "water proof" blankets do. Hair doesn't collect on it. I have them on two of my horses and I am about to purchase a third. Wish there were more color choices but Overall definetly worth the money.
Lorie Purdy from wrote (October 14, 2011):
I bought these blankets 3 years ago and don't really need new, but have 2 more horses that will be out in the elements and I know these will hold up for them. My horses have put them through the test with cedar trees and snow and wind, and have stayed warm and dry all winter. Great product!
Michelle from wrote (August 31, 2011):
I've been buying these blankets for the past 2 years now and have had great results. They are durable and keep my horses hair from growing so long in the harsh Nebraska winters. I order a size bigger for my quarter horses to make sure it covers their butts. But Love these blankets!
Talea Gokey from wrote (December 11, 2010):
I love this blanket! It looks great and it keeps my horses snug when out in the very cold elements of the North. It?s worth every penny! Also the sky blue/gray blanket looks great on Grullos.
Linda Hawk from wrote (January 31, 2010):
I just received this blanket last week. Arkansas was hit with freezing rain, sleet and snow this week. I put this blanket on my app stud. He was out in the weather night and day. This blanket kept him warm and dry. I was very pleased with the results from this great turnout blanket. I would certainly buy another.
kim from wrote (December 19, 2009):
This is a very nice blanket for the price. The 72" fits nicely on my 16hh arab. It keeps him wram in the winter storms and dry during the rainy spring.
Tim Barber from wrote (October 17, 2009):
The best I have seen! no need to go anywhere else. Top quality!
Ashley Agee from wrote (January 02, 2009):
I love this blanket! I bought two of them about 1 1/2 yrs ago and they held up very well. They've been thru some tough NC weather and lasted quite a while. I had one to rip this winter but after contacting customer service they are sending me out a replacement! SB's has a great warranty on this product and really back it! Thats why I love them so much! You can't beat a company that continually backs their products! I am now a LOYAL customer of theirs!! Thanks Smith Brothers!
Michelle Sarber from wrote (October 15, 2008):
I love this blanket! Very nicely made and thick outer shell. The lining is all nylon so it doesn't attract hair like some of my other blankets do that have felt linings. Order one size larger though, I had to return and get a bigger one because it was not long enough to go around the back of my Quarter Horses butt.