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Open Range Waterproof Turnout Sheet
Helen from GA wrote (January 11, 2015):
I have 3 of these sheets purchased several years ago and they have held up very well. I echo the sentiments of the other reviewers. Mine have held their waterproof ability well over the years and have been extremely durable. I would only suggest improving the buckles which can be a little difficult to slide when you are adjusting in a hurry. Also mine have the solid liner which I much prefer to a mesh that I see the newer models are advertised with. Do you still produce some with solid liners as I would like to order a couple more but would NOT purchase with the mesh? Great product and we have enjoyed using them!
Turnout blanket
Patty from CA wrote (November 14, 2014):
Great blanket except for the snaps...I will need to replace them all, they are too hard to unsnap
I'm back for another one ! These blankest rock !!!
Trish W from CT wrote (July 16, 2014):
I bought one years ago. It has been at least 10 years and I and finally need another one. I love the front closures and my horse never has any blanket rubs after a long CT winter. The Open Range blankets are a quality product. Oh yeah, my horse is not box stall bunny. She is turned out 24/7 except in bad weather. If you take care of these blankets, they last for years!
Great blanket!
Abby from NE wrote (February 21, 2014):
This is the only blanket I will buy! My horses are hard on blankets and these hold up!
Sharon from wrote (April 14, 2010):
I have several of these for different horses, and I use the heavyweight type, too. They are durable, break the wind, keep the horses dry, and I love the quick clips in the front. They are a good value.
Beth Souder from wrote (September 07, 2008):
I used this sheet and found it to be good looking, waterproof, and durable. I was so pleased with it that I ordered one for my other horse to replace her substandard turn out.
Dee from wrote (June 17, 2008):
I am so pleased with the quality of the Smith Bros Supreme turnout sheet that I have ordered one for my colt and a heavy blanket for my old horse. The sheets are well worth the price because they hold up.
Amanda from Florida wrote (March 18, 2008):
What an awesome sheet! It is so strong and durable. I have had no rub marks and it was a great price. Two thumbs up.