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Robyn Montgomery from wrote (November 07, 2010):
I have purchased several of the Turtle Neck brand Turnouts over the past several years for our horses. These are the most durable turnout blankets that I have ever encountered. I am still using the ones that I purchased 4 years ago. After four years of very heavy use, they are still in good condition and do not leak in wet weather. The waterproofing on the Turtle Neck blanket is extremely reliable. I have never had one to leak, even with heavy rain and even sleet. These are warm blankets in extreme weather conditions. One evening, it had been sleeting with freezing rain for several hours before I got home from work and our horses had been turned out during the day. When I went to put them up and feed, they were all dry and warm underneath their blankets, even in such a blizzard. This is the best quality turnout blanket on the market. I have tried most other brands over the years, and have never had anything last as long as the Turtle Neck, or even come close. This blanket