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Anna from MN wrote (February 26, 2014):
I bought two of these for my quarter horses. these are amazing sheets. Ive have both of them for 3 years now and neither one has ever ripped. They are true to there size. The shoulders don't rub at all. I use them to keep my horses clean before shows. I have never had one slid to the side. I use them during the summer. it can be about 85 degrees and they dont really sweat in them to much
Annette from wrote (December 20, 2012):
Great sheet, highly recommend.
Barb from wrote (June 15, 2012):
Great price and great product. Smith Brothers you get way more then you pay for!
Tanya from wrote (March 29, 2012):
These sheets fit the horses well and are true to size. They are contured to the horse's top line and I have not had one slide off the center as they are worn.