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Sue from South Carolina wrote (June 22, 2011):
This is the only mask that holds its shape and gives the best protection from sun and bugs. I throw it in my washer with my barn clothes and line dry. I have three so I can wash one, he can wear one and I have one in reserve.
Megan from Indiana wrote (June 16, 2008):
I love this mask! After years of trying several different styles and brands, I've finally found one that works! My gelding would constantly get his fly mask off. I tried ones that had double velcro and those were easily rubbed off when he rolled or let other horses "pick" them off in the pasture. This is the first mask he keeps on all day. He can roll without the mask turning and coming off because the ear holes keep it in place. It also has bigger eye darts and a better shape to keep it from rubbing. After several weeks of usage he has not been able to get it off or have any rub marks on his face.