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Lorraine Freestone from United Kingdom - Preston wrote (May 14, 2011):
I have a 5 yr old Neapolitan Mastiff who has had no luck on his back legs, as he is a big boy... He has suffered with arthritis for around 8 months and has been on non -steroidals from the Vet.. I tried this product when i went to the USA on holiday and brought it him back, today i have ordered a gallon tub, i took 3 weeks and now he's playing with my other dog (bull mastiff) and running around with showing little sign of any discomfort. I doubled the does for week one and then standard does of 15mls after that which was relevant for his size. can't thank you enough :-) Lorraine - UK
Dean Tribbett from Virginia wrote (September 28, 2009):
I have a 7 year old Basset Hound that was having problems getting up on her hind legs and had trouble stepping up on a street curb. after a year of vet visits and anti inflamitory meds as well as pill for Gloucosimine/condroiton she was no better. After one week on the Finish Line product she was getting up and walking normally. At the 3 week point she was climbing up 15 steps to the second floor of the house and running again for the first time in a year.
Sandee from AZ wrote (January 07, 2009):
I have not found this product locally since Petsmart closed the EQ department