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Astro from CA wrote (March 26, 2015):
Great quality and very versatile. I use it on my big horse without the insert pads and with for my narrow withered horse also. It adds a little less padding than the riser, which I also have and like.
Desiree from MD wrote (February 25, 2010):
I can't tell you how pleased I am with this pad! I've had so many problems with saddle fit. When I discovered Diamond Wool's Pressure Relief Pad, it sure fixed the problem, not only for me, but also my friends, who were also having trouble with fit. Saddle fit problem? TRY ONE OF THESE, IT'S A GODSEND!
Sophie from CA wrote (February 09, 2010):
This saddle pad is great if your horse has high withers. It is paded very well so your horse won't be sore if your saddle is too small. Also is very good for barrrel racing.