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Pad did not perform
Mark from CO wrote (September 21, 2015):
After 1 month pad began to break down under bars of saddle. Would not recommend for serious riders. The counter pedicure is better
Vicki D from NM wrote (March 11, 2013):
This is by far one of the nicest pads I have ever owned. You can feel the difference in the saddle. As a barrel racer, I notice the pad stays in place and I have no issues with sore backs. I highly reccommend this pad and I am purchasing another one for my colt.
allison from sc wrote (March 07, 2012):
This pad is worth the money!! holds up great in all kinds of conditions. Great for young and old horses. Please buy this pad for the sake of your horse. it really is wonderful. its all i ride on. and as long as they continue to make them i will buy them!
Audrey Barnett from Kentucky wrote (September 05, 2011):
I 100% recommend this pad. I have used this pad for years and it holds up to everyday use. I have tried the Prof Choice pads, and no name pads because they were cheap, but this pad is EXECELLENT. All my horses love it, it is worth the money in the long run. As long as Classic Equine makes the ESP, I will buy them!
Ivonne from California wrote (February 17, 2011):
I'm a professional trainer and this pad is the best that I've used thus far. I've tried other brands like Prof Choice (which are great for cinches and such) but for pads, this ESP pad is absolutely terrific. It doesn't slip, it does what it says and the horses are all very comfortable with it.
Lynn Kuennen from California wrote (April 18, 2009):
I am a professional Barrel Racer and this is the only pad my horse likes and doesn't get sore with. I highly recommend this pad.