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Love it!
Brittney from VA wrote (May 06, 2014):
I purchased this saddle a few weeks ago and as soon as I sat in it I fell in love! It really helped with my posture, and compared to the old trail saddle I've been using for the past few months while getting back into riding after a few years, it really helped me feel deep and secure in the seat. It fits my TB/paint perfectly, even with his muscular paint shoulders and tiny uphill hind end! Great quality and great price I recommend this saddle to everyone
from wrote (February 02, 2014):
As soon as I sat in this saddle I knew it would be perfect!!! It fits every single horse of mine, high withers, and low withers. It is sooo comfy and really nice quality. I could sit in it all day. It really allows you to sit deep and push out of the turns. If you are looking for a nice quality saddle to fit all of your horses this is it!
Bryan B from California wrote (November 07, 2012):
I bought this saddle 8 years ago and its still going great. we have had 9 other people buy it and they all love it. well made great bang for your buck.
Jamie from Florida wrote (December 29, 2011):
This saddle is great! It is the most comfortable saddle we have. I would recommend it to anyone and will be purchasing another one when we are ready to buy again.
Jamie from Florida wrote (December 22, 2011):
I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Very nice saddle, great quality, great price!
Bryan from ca. wrote (November 01, 2011):
I bought this saddle 8 years ago and still ride in it. i really like it. we have bought 4 others and they like it too, we also give them away as trophies for our gymk. program. great saddle for the $$$
Talea from Wisconsin wrote (September 30, 2011):
This saddle is awesome! It fits my QH mare like a dream. She even loves it and she works so well in it. Its comfortable and puts you in the middle of your horse. I will buy another one!
Taylor from ND wrote (August 22, 2011):
This saddle has full quarter horse bars correct?
Angela, Smith Brothers Inquiry Department from MA wrote (August 04, 2011):
To Sarah in OH: Please call our Customer Service team at 800-784-5449 for assistance with saddle fit. There are many factors to properly fitting a saddle beyond your horse's breed and height. Thank you, Angela G Smith Brothers Inquiry Department 800-784-5449
Sarah from OH wrote (August 03, 2011):
I am very interested in this saddle because I am on a very tight money crunch but I was wondering if this would fit a large appaloosa pony. He is around 14 hands high.
Customer Service from Texas wrote (July 05, 2011):
The American Saddlery Ekto Seven Saddle has Quarter Horse bars.
Ashley from CA wrote (July 04, 2011):
What size bars does this saddle have?
Talea from Wisconsin wrote (June 08, 2011):
I love this saddle! I was so pleased to find that not only did it fit my QH mare perfectly but it was the best saddle fit I have had for myself. I would definitely buy another one.
Dana from Oregon wrote (May 18, 2010):
I couldn't say enough about this saddle. I rode in it for a couple of years, and had to sell it when I sold my horse. Now that I am getting back into horses, this is the only saddle I want. Great comfort! I agree, it fits somewhat stockier, or wider horses better, but mine always are. This saddle wears nicely, and holds up well. Never had to replace a thing.
Cortney from ON wrote (April 13, 2010):
This saddle fits the wider/short back style quarter horses very well. I had been through a few saddles before I found this one, my mare loves it. I don't find it is all that comfortable but it definatley fits the horse well, and balances the rider decient, which are my biggest concerns. It is a great buy for the rider who can't afford the higher end saddles but still wants a good fit and balanced seat!
Heather from Delaware wrote (February 21, 2008):
It is a really nice starter saddle. I use it for trail riding and team penning. It is really comfortable for riding all day. I use it 4 days a week for 1 year now. I highly recommend it for someone who can't afford the higher priced saddles.