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Jen from NJ wrote (May 28, 2016):
I bought this for a new horse with a flat back and it DID not fit her well. The bars had alot of rock. The cinch strap was also very short. Very comfortable seat though. Keeps you balanced.
Not Medium Oil Finish..
Sam from OR wrote (April 08, 2015):
When I ordered the saddle it said it was medium oil and when it arrived it was dark oil.. besides the color not being what I thought it would be, the saddle is very nice and the seat sits up high and the saddle overall is just very comfortable.
Love it!
Brittney from VA wrote (May 06, 2014):
I purchased this saddle a few weeks ago and as soon as I sat in it I fell in love! It really helped with my posture, and compared to the old trail saddle I've been using for the past few months while getting back into riding after a few years, it really helped me feel deep and secure in the seat. It fits my TB/paint perfectly, even with his muscular paint shoulders and tiny uphill hind end! Great quality and great price I recommend this saddle to everyone
from wrote (February 02, 2014):
As soon as I sat in this saddle I knew it would be perfect!!! It fits every single horse of mine, high withers, and low withers. It is sooo comfy and really nice quality. I could sit in it all day. It really allows you to sit deep and push out of the turns. If you are looking for a nice quality saddle to fit all of your horses this is it!
Bryan B from California wrote (November 07, 2012):
I bought this saddle 8 years ago and its still going great. we have had 9 other people buy it and they all love it. well made great bang for your buck.
Jamie from Florida wrote (December 29, 2011):
This saddle is great! It is the most comfortable saddle we have. I would recommend it to anyone and will be purchasing another one when we are ready to buy again.
Jamie from Florida wrote (December 22, 2011):
I bought this for my daughter and she loves it. Very nice saddle, great quality, great price!
Bryan from ca. wrote (November 01, 2011):
I bought this saddle 8 years ago and still ride in it. i really like it. we have bought 4 others and they like it too, we also give them away as trophies for our gymk. program. great saddle for the $$$
Talea from Wisconsin wrote (September 30, 2011):
This saddle is awesome! It fits my QH mare like a dream. She even loves it and she works so well in it. Its comfortable and puts you in the middle of your horse. I will buy another one!
Taylor from ND wrote (August 22, 2011):
This saddle has full quarter horse bars correct?
Angela, Smith Brothers Inquiry Department from MA wrote (August 04, 2011):
To Sarah in OH: Please call our Customer Service team at 800-784-5449 for assistance with saddle fit. There are many factors to properly fitting a saddle beyond your horse's breed and height. Thank you, Angela G Smith Brothers Inquiry Department 800-784-5449
Sarah from OH wrote (August 03, 2011):
I am very interested in this saddle because I am on a very tight money crunch but I was wondering if this would fit a large appaloosa pony. He is around 14 hands high.
Customer Service from Texas wrote (July 05, 2011):
The American Saddlery Ekto Seven Saddle has Quarter Horse bars.
Ashley from CA wrote (July 04, 2011):
What size bars does this saddle have?
Talea from Wisconsin wrote (June 08, 2011):
I love this saddle! I was so pleased to find that not only did it fit my QH mare perfectly but it was the best saddle fit I have had for myself. I would definitely buy another one.
Dana from Oregon wrote (May 18, 2010):
I couldn't say enough about this saddle. I rode in it for a couple of years, and had to sell it when I sold my horse. Now that I am getting back into horses, this is the only saddle I want. Great comfort! I agree, it fits somewhat stockier, or wider horses better, but mine always are. This saddle wears nicely, and holds up well. Never had to replace a thing.
Cortney from ON wrote (April 13, 2010):
This saddle fits the wider/short back style quarter horses very well. I had been through a few saddles before I found this one, my mare loves it. I don't find it is all that comfortable but it definatley fits the horse well, and balances the rider decient, which are my biggest concerns. It is a great buy for the rider who can't afford the higher end saddles but still wants a good fit and balanced seat!
Heather from Delaware wrote (February 21, 2008):
It is a really nice starter saddle. I use it for trail riding and team penning. It is really comfortable for riding all day. I use it 4 days a week for 1 year now. I highly recommend it for someone who can't afford the higher priced saddles.