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Emily from NY wrote (December 26, 2011):
I borrowed this bit from my friend and my barrel horse ran completely differently than in a sidepull I had to buy one afterwards. Lots of flex and great rate. I can't say enough about this hack. I wrap the noseband with vet wrap too since the rope is a bit much.
jodi from Minnesota wrote (August 02, 2009):
I have used hacks on my barrel & gaming horses for years, Jim Warners are the best made. Nothing goes on my horses other than a Jim Warner hack. The short shanks pivot & work more like a normal bit rather than having floppy sides or flat metal pieces at the sides to skin up their face. Jim Warners give TURN & WHOA, no other hack does that.
Donna from Arizona wrote (July 08, 2009):
My Girlfriend owned 2 of these when I decided to try one. My horses did so well with this hack that I decided to purchase 2 myself. Now I own two more horses and they both do well this hack. I am ready to buy 2 more.....
amanda from california wrote (September 18, 2008):
This is the best barrel hackamore I have ever used. Such great control without causing the horse harm. My mare has such better flex and turn with this hackamore. Definatley recommend