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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Bailey from Colorado wrote (October 15, 2010):
I use this bit on my barrel/pole horse and it works so well. I have friends that try to steal it from me just so they can use it, its worth every penny.
darrell from nm wrote (April 15, 2010):
i've been using this bit for a month now and it seems to work well with my 3 and 2 yr old mares, good training bit so far.
Kelly from IA wrote (November 01, 2009):
I first got this bit to use on horses had some small issues. It great because its not to harsh that the horses are fighting it but you have better control then a snaffle. I know use it on all of my horses at home.
Maggie from Minnesota wrote (October 14, 2009):
This is a great little bit for the money. I went from a egg ring snaffle to this bit, my horse loves it, she bends much nicer at the poll with this bit.
Dean from New Mexico wrote (August 21, 2009):
I first bought this bit for the price (can never have too many bits to try out). After I started useing it, it is the first bit I go to when I test a new horse. I have 4 colts in training and I have purchased 6 of these bits. The price is right and quality is exelente.
Dawn from Montana wrote (July 09, 2008):
I've used this as a transition bit between snaffle and curb. Some horses like it a lot, some don't. Those that do,respond well to direct or indirect rein. I started using it for barrels this year, as I was running in a snaffle and at a Barrel racing clinic, she rec. that I try a dogbone. Just happened to have this along, and my horse did great with it. Awesome bit for someone with light hands and a light mouthed horse.
Amanda from New York wrote (June 05, 2008):
I use this bit for barrel racing and it is a soft bit. It is not harsh like most bits. I own two of them and i love them. I know that you will fall in love with this bit once you start using it.