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Hayle Bufford from Illinois wrote (March 14, 2012):
I adore these. They are easy to move while on horseback, and even my skittish horses quickly adjust and love playing with them. I board at a barn that isn't focused on barrels, so it's nice to have a set I can pull out and put away easily, and move via horseback for different practices. And they look sharp :) Of course, the zipper broke. I read all the reviews so I never even tried to zip them, however my roommate did one afternoon when she was helping me and it immediately broke (she apologized profusely and I tried to explain that I KNEW it would break, as every review had said so haha), but I didn't buy a zipper, I bought pop up barrels, so I could really care less. :)
Tina from FL wrote (December 25, 2011):
This was a Christmas present for our 9 yr. old daughter. She loved the barrels and had fun while using them but when we packed them away at the end of the first time using- the zipper broke in storage bag. I think with the expense of the item they could do a better job with fabrication of the storage bag.