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BB from IN wrote (July 14, 2011):
This is a great tool. My 4 year old uses it effotlessly for her pony. She just swings her arm back and hits the mark every time without looking.
diane from California wrote (October 25, 2010):
I love these! I have 4 different colors now. I endurance ride and this quirt is handy put it around your wrist and its there if you need it. My first one is about 4 years old and still looks great!
Reece from GA wrote (July 28, 2009):
This quirt is amazing i love using it. it is light and stays tight on your wrist, this product is all around wonderful
Bill from NM wrote (June 19, 2008):
This quirt is great. Light, inexpensive and provides a wonderful response in my equine friend when necessary. Easily slides over the saddle horn or is easily clipped to a saddle ring on an endurance saddle. I just leave mine attached to the saddle so it is always available at need.