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A. Hillman from Texas wrote (July 23, 2009):
Double Diamond Halters are the best halters! I used have a horse that used to sit back hard - we broke numerous halters and styles including buckle halters and even leather. Double Diamond was recommended to us and we never use anything else! She has sat back a few time with the DD but has yet to break one (she is a big stout QH) No longer sits back, but the quality, durability and price is the best!
Ellen James from MD wrote (August 02, 2008):
Double Diamond halters are the best rope halters out there. I have tried other rope halters and found that they stretch when a horse really pulls back on them, even to the point of having the halter slip down over the horse's nose, creating a very dangerous situation. Other halters are also made of softer rope, making them more difficult to put on. The nose band on Double Diamond halters are stiff enough to hold an open shape so that they can be put on quickly and won't stretch or break if a horse pulls back hard.
Vern Jahnke from Colorado wrote (May 23, 2008):
I only use Double Diamond halters because I know I can trust them not to break even if the horse pulls back.