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The Boots That Save Horses Legs!
Hailey from WA wrote (October 12, 2013):
I use these boots on my big Appendix Quarter Horse and they saved his legs! He spooked and his front legs were stuck in the fence because he fell over on his side while he was running. The boots (over 2 years old and used very often) completely ripped BUT there were NO scratches on his legs and he was completely sound! These boots saved my horse's legs and I'm so thankful for that! It takes a lot for these boots to break and the boots that he wore when he got stuck in the fence are the only boots we ever threw away! If you're a barrel racer or reiner or do cow horse or roping, GET THESE BOOTS!
Faith from Florida wrote (October 12, 2011):
These boots are amazing. I heard of them through Clinton Anderson, and have used them ever since.I Barrel Race, Rope, Goats, and do other Rodeo events and these provide great support and protection. Use these with the Dy-No-Turn bells boots with them and your good to go! :)
Farrell Performance Horses from AZ wrote (September 27, 2009):
We breed BArrel and Rope Horses and my horses have never had an ingerey ever scince i started using these
Mandy from Kansas wrote (October 30, 2008):
For only being 17 I have found the best boots out there! I love them because I got them 4 years ago and they still look new! They hold up and support my horse and thats all that matters to me! Plus I love the colors they come in too!
mh from sd wrote (March 31, 2008):
i think that the boots are very well built and are tough.
Review from PA wrote (February 07, 2008):
Very good product. Everything from Classic Equine is high quality and well made.
Aisa from Arizona wrote (November 25, 2006):
They provide very good protection, but I've had a problem with the stitching coming undone and the velcro riping, but scince I fixed those I have loved them!