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Great boot but no free bell boots
K D from OK wrote (November 04, 2014):
It says they come with a free pair of bell boots. Not true I ordered two pairs and got one set of bell boots. When I called they said it was because I had to order four sets to get two free sets of bell boots. That's not what it says on the website.
Lenae from Texas wrote (October 13, 2011):
I love these boots they have out lasted every other brand I have owned. I love the ridge that keeps them in place on the inside of the leg and the hard bullet proof material has saved my horses legs many times. These are my favorite boots and most people I know run in them as well.
Jesika from NV wrote (June 13, 2011):
I have tried all kinds of boots and wraps and always come back to my classic equine boots, they work great, hold up to the abuse, and last a long long time! They are the only boots in my trailer and I have encouraged everyone at my training barn to switch.
Sophie from ND wrote (December 28, 2010):
I absolutely love these boots. They fit my horse perfectly and I have had them for about 2 years now and they have no rips or tears on them. The straps aren't even frayed and I used them every time I ride. They are also INCREDIBLY easy to clean!
barrelbaby from PA wrote (October 29, 2010):
I've had a pair of these boots for about three years now. Originally, I just used them to run my barrel horse in at rodeos. I recently started using them all the time, including working him 2 or 3 times a week and the rest for trail riding. They protect the cannon bone very well. The design is good, but when I take the boots off after I run, they are filled with dirt. They are also a little bulky. After all the use, the stitching is starting to rip, but they are still usable. As I have not used other boots, I do not know if these are better or worse than the Pro Choice Elite boots. I'd like to try them, but they do not have the fuchsia color I would like.
Meral from PA wrote (September 26, 2010):
these boots are fantastic! they are very well constructed and are way better than prochoice. i like the keep in place ridge. they stay in place but sometimes the back suspendory strap doesnt close compelely and sometimes gets dirt :P but thats all. i stopped using prochoice when i bought these up at QH Congress!!! I highly reconnmend these boots to anyone looking for high quailty cheap boots and the bell boots too!
Autumn from MN wrote (May 11, 2010):
I'll stick to Pro Choice. I loved the design of the Legacy, but I prefer the glove like fit of the Elite. I didn't like the fit of the Legacy, it didn't form to the leg, instead it almost bubbled out, creating weird rub spots. I would be willing to try Legacy again, but for now, I'll stick to Pro Choice.
Mandy from ca wrote (March 16, 2010):
Always used these boots...they are fab! My daughter loves her pink pair on her barrel horse...they keep dirt out and give support! My white ones have finally worn out...still have lime green and navy though! Great boots!
ky girl from kentucky wrote (January 07, 2010):
i have to give these boots a 5 !!! i have had my ONE green pair for (no joke) 6 years!! i have used them on both my horses all this time!! they fit my 14.3 hand mare and my 15.1 hand mare great!! i hate to down talk professional choice but i had a pair and they would not stay on my horses, they slid down no matter how or who put them on!! so anyway just wanted to share!!
Angie from CA wrote (January 04, 2010):
these boots are so amazing!! iv been riding with these for a while. professional just kept falling apart within the first 3 months of barrel racing. u won regret buying these!!! the bell boots are even better. they r thicker and protect more then professional choice. my horse went through more professional bell boots then these classic equine!!!
Kelly from Alabama wrote (June 12, 2008):
I LOVE these boots I have owned a pair for about 4 or 5 yrs. They work great and last.
Review from PA wrote (February 07, 2008):
There is no other brand of boots as far as I'm concerned. Put your hand inside the boot, and then hit it with a hammer... then try it on the competitors boots... you'll feel the difference the horse does...