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Valerie from wrote (January 08, 2012):
I bought three Blocker Tie Rings years ago, to use on my two horses. The Mag-Loc wasn't even available, at that time (which I think is a great idea - looks neater). They're still in use to this day. However, I plan on buying more so that I don't have to move them to different areas when needed. I use the "first tie setting," and they stay put. There are times that they pull loose, but I can count on one hand when that has happened. Nothing was broken or the horse injured when this occurred. The tension is there, yet as the horse pulls back it gives. Which gives the horse the sense that they can get away, thus settling down faster. My main fear was the horse getting startled at something pulling back, flipping, and injuring itself. A lot less expensive than a hefty vet bill or worse a dead horse. Definitely worth the money!!
Becca from wrote (June 10, 2010):
These are worth the money. I got one for free when I bought a horse that freaked out when you would tie her. They are amazing! I use them to teach my horse to tie.. And they let a little out when they freak out so that the horse dosen't hurt what it is tied to or itself. But they are worth every penny! I am buying more soon.