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jolene from wv wrote (February 29, 2012):
I had these bell boots for about a year now and they are still in very good condition. Not once did the turn around. I love these bell boots if I every need a new one I will deff get this one.
Charity from OK wrote (June 01, 2011):
AMAZING BOOTS! Never turn on my horse, did buy a size smaller than he normally wears to make sure I could get them tight. So far they have put up with a lot of over reaching with no holes and fit like a glove!
Sophie from MN wrote (December 28, 2010):
Everybody says they love these boot but I must have gotten a defective pair or SOMETHiNG because mine always turned and twisted around, EVERY run.
Annonomous from Florida wrote (November 07, 2010):
These are the best bell boots I have ever owned. They don NOT turn when your horse is wearing them and that is amazing! and the are toough, durable, and all around great! I recemend these to all of my horse friends and y'all should too!!!!!!!
Review from PA wrote (February 07, 2008):
These boots are perfect. They never turn on your horses feet, and they are very durable. If you are looking for bell boots, buy a pair of these!