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Love these!
Rilyn Cassaretto from CA wrote (November 20, 2014):
I have these and I absolutely love them! They're so soft and comfortable! I've had them for almost 2 years now. Definitely buy!
Smith Brothers Employee from MA wrote (August 11, 2010):
Maddie, this rein clips onto the bit not the bridle, and Sidney this rein is rounded where the knots are.
bailey from wisconsin wrote (August 10, 2010):
love these reins! quality and color are great! my horse has a long neck so these are actually to short for trail riding for me but on my other horse they fit just fine because he has a short neck.
Sidney from Iowa wrote (August 10, 2010):
Is the whole rein flat or is it rounded where the knots are?
maddie from mn wrote (July 29, 2010):
do they clip on to the bridle??
Ashley from NC wrote (May 25, 2010):
Bought these reins to use for trail riding and LOVE them!! They can be adjusted to whatever length you want and are so easy to hold. I recommend these to everyone.
Texas-Girl from Texas wrote (March 04, 2010):
I believe the reins are 8ft long and are adjustable on both sides. If they are even too long after adjusting and have a lot of extra rein hanging, you can cut the rein on one or both sides and then burn the ends, so it won't fray, and then adjust them so that the knots are even on both sides. And you won't have the extra rein in the way if you need a shorter rein. Its really easy to do. I have 2 pairs. I have a pair that is long to warm-up with and just ride around with, so i don't have to bend over and reach up horse's neck to give horse slack in rein. Then the 2nd pair are my shorter ones that I use to make my barrel run with. They last a LONG time and love the feel of them and the weight.
Katelyn from Va, wrote (February 17, 2010):
How long are these reins. I really need to know.
Sophie from California wrote (February 09, 2010):
These reins are the best reins I've ever had.All my friends have them. They are also great to use when it comes to barrel racing.
Hanna from Cali wrote (January 01, 2010):
I love these reigns cheap but durrable work really well and u can change the length it great wen u have REALLY HUGE horses and really smalle ones too highg head or not!
Elizabeth from Ca wrote (December 06, 2009):
I love these reins! both my best friend and i have them, i have the red and black, and she has the green and black, every where we go we always get poeple asking where we got them, i love how they have 2-3 knots so u don't have to make your own. there great for barrel racers!
Savannah from Georgia wrote (November 26, 2009):
I love these reins! they are wonderful when you run your horse because of the knots. I think they are GREAT!
desiree from california wrote (November 21, 2009):
I love these reins also. They are perfect for training a young rider on hand placement and making sure they have something good and thick and comfortable to hold on to. I also love that they don't have any clips- which bother my mare and distract her by weighing down on the bit.
Kember from MS wrote (January 28, 2009):
I LOVE these reins so much! The braided nylon is so long lasting and durable. They don't have clips that wear out and break over time