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Amazing Girth highly recommended for Barrel Racers
Brittany from FL wrote (October 04, 2013):
This is a very nice girth my horse had sores and now she don't my horse is less sweaty & comfortable during are runs I love this girth my horse has been doing much much better in it very good for the price!!!
Janice from Wyoming wrote (September 27, 2009):
If you have a horse with previous girth gall scars than this cinch isn't going to help the situation. I have a sensitive arabian who has scars from girth galls from whoever owned him before. I used this cinch on him and it ended up rubbing the scars raw again and opening the healed sores back up. And this was only after about 40 mins of riding.
Review from PA wrote (February 07, 2008):
I love this girth. Wish I had gotten one sooner! What's more my sensitive skinned mare loves it too.