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Lucia Monte from wrote (December 09, 2011):
I bought this blanket for my horse last year and its the best blanket I have ever bought.It fits him great. I would highly recommend this blanket.He never got any rub marks from this blanket cause it fits him perfectly.
Emma from wrote (December 17, 2010):
I got this blanket at Smith Brothers in Denton, TX. for my Quarter Horse mare. She's in great condition and has spent all her life out in the elements but we've recently moved her to a pasture where there is no shelter. It doesn't get as bitter cold here as some places but I still wanted a blanket for her to wear when it got cold, windy, or rainy. So far this blanket has been great. We haven't had any snow or rain but it fits well and there have been only a few scratches in the fabric and her pasture are full of mesquite trees and has barbed wire fences. It goes on and off easy. I like it. She likes it. I just wish it came in zebra.
Anna O. from wrote (December 11, 2010):
I absolutely adore this blanket! It fits my petite Arabian perfectly; especially across her narrow chest. So far, it appears very durable and tough. I would highly recommend this blanket...well worth the money.
horselover from california wrote (November 01, 2009):
LOVE this blanket. Had one for my thoroughbred. My other horse needs a new blanket and I am getting another one of these. Easy to handle. Stays in place. Room to roll....