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Morgan from Pennsylvania wrote (February 21, 2011):
I bought this pad last year thinking i would be using it all of the time and loving it... turns out, i really don't even like it all that well. It's really stiff and thinner than i had expected. It slides back no matter what horse i have it on or even when i have my saddle tight too. If you do have a horse with high withers, i don't recommend this for you because it's not what it's all set out to be... it is somewhat decent for a horse with bigger shoulders and thicker/lower withers.
Glory from Michigan wrote (April 26, 2010):
I bought this pad in tye die. I have to admit it is quite eye catching. I was a little surprised at the stiffness of the pad though. It just doesn't conform to my horse like it says it does. Although it seems quite tough, my horse seems to be pleased. Another thing: My horse has tall withers and wide shoulders, and that's why I thought this pad would be PERFECT for her. It just isn't tall enough in the withers. If you have a horse that rides a full quarter horse bar saddle, this would probably be a good pad for you. I have ridden in it probably 5 times and I'm still waiting for it to break in. I don't doubt that perhaps this will be a really good pad.... in a couple months. For the price of this pad, I am somewhat dissapointed.
Lily from FL wrote (March 07, 2010):
I have had this pad for over 10 years and it still looks and works GREAT! it hasn't fallen apart like other this is the ultimate pad!It will be worth your money!!!!