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Fantastic Quality
Horsesforever from OH wrote (August 20, 2015):
LOVE this pad! great quality at a really great price
tholli from NE wrote (November 01, 2012):
I love both my pads! I have bought two & both are nice & make all the difference on my high withered Martha Six Moons. Thank-you!
Terry from NE wrote (May 02, 2011):
I have got 3 of these, and they give the horse the protection that they need when being roped on. I think that the Smith pad is a bit better than the Slone I have both.
Kristy from MI wrote (December 17, 2010):
I have 3 of these pads and just purchased my 4th. I have all are 1"thick except 1 which I needed for a different horse. I love these pads, I have had and used mine for over a year now. Pressure washed them when they get dingy, The one I must have got a little to close with the pressure washer because it distorted it a little but over all they make great work pads and Work Great under my show pads when I am showing and want to color corrdinate.
Cris from NY wrote (June 04, 2010):
I originally review this pad after I received the natural pad. Now I have my replacement in Gray. It looks to be a great pad that will fit my horse well after the first ride. It is firm and I like that as I know it will not fall apart. I do have a huge problem with Smith Brother online however. The color of the pad shown is not what they sell. The gray pad I received is Dark gray not the lighter gray shown. And as I said in the other review the natural colored pad is not even shown anywhere. Overall it is a good looking pad that I would reccomend.
Cris from NY wrote (May 24, 2010):
This is a great wool saddle pad. I had to return mine however. The listing originally said Gray in the description and natural under the bar. I expected the natural but thought it would be more like a gray pad. It was very dark in color. The smith brothers logo was lightly stamped in the leather and was not real easy to see as the photo shows. I most certainly would like to see a picture of the actual saddle pad in the actual color it is available. Natural really isn't a color. Otherwise it is a great pad. I can't wait to get the replacement. As for longevity, only time will tell. I expect a few years before it starts to wear. It is, after all a felt pad.
Alana from AL wrote (February 09, 2010):
This is a great looking pad. I have several other 100% wool pads that I have paid much more for and this one looks just as good. Haven't used it yet under saddle.