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Update on my earlier review
Rancher's Granddaughter from TX wrote (January 30, 2014):
The Mylers as well as Toklat have assured me the inlay problem is a fluke in manufacturing. Smith Bros is sending me a return label and I will be ordering another one of these bits. The rough inlay in question was caused by a gap being left on one end, making the inlay bow up above the bit surface enough to cause an edge which would catch against even a rough finger. NOT something one would want to sit on top of a sensitive horse's lip. Other than that, this bit seems to be of great quality. Toklat told me they quality check two bits at random out of a box when they get a new shipment in. I wish they'd check all of them. It would save me time.
Made in Vietnam
Rancher's Granddaughter from TX wrote (January 27, 2014):
After much research, even talking with Mr. Myler, I decided on a Myler bit. I was disappointed to find this particular one was made in Vietnam. The copper inlays are a bit rough even to my finger when I run it across them. I could have bought a sweet iron snaffle which was made in Texas at my local tack shop and from feel you couldn't even tell there were inlays in that one. Since training is a two-way street, I felt this design would be kinder to my horse. I'm still debating on whether to try it on her. I breed, so I was wanting a for-from-now-on-bit to keep on hand. Thus, the investment.