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Best Boots EVER!!
Cait from TX wrote (March 22, 2014):
I was originally going to go with the Classic Equine Legacy boot, but a lady at the tack store near my house (who is in a drill team, barrel races and ropes) said that she uses pro choice boots since the are created to fit the horses leg. If you compare how the classic equine and pro choice look off a horse the classic equine is straight and not made to conform to a horses leg as well as it should. I've had my first pair of Pro choice elite boots for 4 years and they can still be used. I have two more already. Only thing is to go a size bigger. I had originally got mediums for my 16hh thoroughbred, and while they fit well I went to a large and feel more comfortable that his leg is "protected." These boots are well worth the price as they are great quality and they last!
Morgan from Pennsylvania wrote (February 19, 2011):
Absolutely in love with these boots! they fit great, they don't let in a lot of dirt, and they are less bulky and provide a lot of support. They are definitely durable and last a long time. I have two sets and wouldn't go to any others!
Savannah from Morton wrote (December 27, 2010):
It's truly a great product!!!