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Anonymous from wrote (August 28, 2013):
I love this product! I have the purple and green swirley ones and they last. They are secure on my horse too.
Bethany from Missouri! wrote (March 30, 2013):
i got the pattern ones, and the material thats like a thin plastic ripped after a couple barrel races.. dont know its from the horses shoes, or poor design. i do not buy pattern ones anymore. i buy solids now. i recomend them over pros choice
Hailey from Minnesota wrote (February 16, 2013):
I absolutely love my Classic Equine bell boots. I have quite a few pairs right now and I will be buying more as I find more patterns. They fit my mare great and I have no issue with them turing when I am at home practicing or at a barrel race. They look great while riding! I would choose my Legacy boots any day over any other brand.
Leigh from Montana wrote (September 12, 2011):
I LOVE Classic Equine boots!! I love all the styles, plus the durability. They last a real long time! I had some professionals choice splints that ripped, and my Legacy's never had!! I love these boots!!!
Katie from IN wrote (May 10, 2011):
LOVE THESE! I have 4 pairs, 1 for each of my horses plus a rear set for an ultra clumsy horse. They're so durable and they don't turn at all. Will be buying again :)
Tessa from South Carolina wrote (November 28, 2010):
I have had 2 pairs of these for almost a year now. They are great! I use them almost everyday!
TJ from Oregon wrote (January 01, 2010):
These boots are great! I have tried boots that have the design in the plastic over them and it peeled off. These boots last and their gorgeous, easy to clean color does not peel.
kristina from pa wrote (December 25, 2009):
these boots look great when you are riding!!!!!!!!!