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Kaila from TX wrote (November 28, 2012):
I used this bit on my 19 year old gelding when i was running barrels on him, he had a bad problem of shouldering second barrel but this bit worked the best out of every one i tried, it really helped lift his shoulder up around second barrel
sarah from ky wrote (May 29, 2012):
i love this bit for my 12 year old gelding. i have been having the best runs of my life in pole bending with it. he stops good with it and turns nice and i can control him at the gate now something in all my bits with my horse i cud not do. i love it! i have used it with my roping horses/barrel horses to they love it i think it works good for all my age horses to.
Ang from CA wrote (January 05, 2012):
this bit is just plain simply amazing! i used a lot of bit trying to get my gelding to rate and turn hard and i put his bit on him and now i don't use a tie down, he doesn't open his mouth and fight me, he runs harder and turns around a barrel on a dime and we have a nice whoa to stop. i also use it on my cutting mare. its great for any horse!
MB from Az wrote (April 14, 2011):
To all you greenhorns this is the same bit sold at the Martha Josey Ranch, do some research and find out for yourself.
jess from wv wrote (June 16, 2010):
I loved this bit. My barrel racing instructer let me ues hers and I had so much more controle over my quarter horse. I had truble turning tight around the barrels and stoping but when I use the bit he did perfect. He slid to a stop and turned great.
Bri from New Mexico wrote (August 06, 2008):
I really Like this bit I use this bit on my 15 year old gelding that is running full blast and on my 7 year old that is just learning the pattern. I love it. You can use it on any type of horse you name it and it will work.