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Omega Alpha Antiflam
Omega Alpha®

Omega Alpha Antiflam

Omega Alpha® Antiflam helps ease rheumatic pains, body aches, muscle pain and inflammation in ligaments and joints in horses. This natural formulation may be administered to chronic and acute cases. Read more...

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Omega Alpha® Antiflam help alleviates rheumatic pains and body aches in horses, especially in the back, joints, legs and hooves. Appropriate for administration in both chronic and acute cases, Antiflam also relieves muscle pain and inflammation, encourages the horse's body to repair damaged tissue, strengthens capillaries to prevent swelling and acts as an anti-inflammatory on ligaments and joints. This natural remedy supplies the body with sulphur, which is key in many biochemical reactions. Antiflam contains angelica pubescens, notopteryglum incisum, rehmannia glutinosa, gentian macrophylla, piper futokadsura and methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM). Loading dose is 60cc twice daily for 7-4 days. Maintenance dose is 60cc once daily. Not recommended for mares in foal. 1 liter.

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